Chelsea Maria Bizub is an artist established in New York working with paper, fabric and light refraction through site specific installations. Through her delicate process of paper cutting and assemblage she achieves a mood that is both meditative, spatial, and other worldly obsessive. Her artwork abstractly examines concepts such as community, individualism, mathematics, evolution, time rituals, information processing and visual attraction while remaining very material in form. Her practice evolves relative to the environment she is creating in and her work reflects the structures of systems in movement and relation.


Bizub graduated from the University of Wisconsin where she studied mathematics and woodwork. She's lived and practiced art in NYC since 2012 where clients have ranged from large commercial real estate companies to private collectors, universities, hospitals, lounges and public transportation spaces. Chelsea’s independent practice has allowed her to continue her exploration of evolution, mathematics and spatial components.

Her studio is open to visitors upon request.